No fear for teachers in 2018?

* Senior High School (SHS) = Gr. 11–12

* Junior High School (JHS) = Gr. 7–10
–Decon­gested cur­ricu­lum
–Enhanced GE sub­jects (Math, Reed, Sciences)

*The future sub­jects (based of what I read):
Required Core Courses  (5) = Gen Ed (GE) for Senior High School (SHS).
1. Applied Math
2. Con­tem­po­rary His­tory
3. Cre­ative Com­mu­ni­ca­tions
4. Envi­ron­men­tal Sci­ence
5. Ethics
Inte­grat­ing Courses  (2)
Elec­tives (5)

*Revised GE Cur­ricu­lum (RGEC) + 3 or more years of Major courses, but some of them maybe for future sub­jects in JHS, SHS, GE, Major Courses.

* RGEC will have 36 units for all stu­dents regard­less of major. RGEC will be offered only start­ing June 2018.

for Math­e­mat­ics & Nat­ural Sci­ences will that be
–Library & Info Science?

for Social Sci­ences & Human­i­ties will that be

for Human­i­ties will that be

*Teach­ers teach­ing these Gen Ed (GE) sub­jects have three options.

1. They can stay in col­lege and teach major sub­jects, or

2. They can shift to basic edu­ca­tion and teach more or less the same Gen Ed (GE) sub­jects. Once they pass the Licen­sure Exam­i­na­tion for Teach­ers (LET) required by law for high school teach­ers, col­lege teach­ers need not fear los­ing their income, or

3. They (aside from teach­ing major sub­jects or teach­ing in high school) can teach sub­jects in the New Gen Ed (GE) / Revised GE Cur­ricu­lum (RGEC) which will be offered only start­ing June 2018, teach­ers have plenty of time to pre­pare for the new sub­jects. They also have time to take edu­ca­tion units to pre­pare for the LET.



Even A Bit Space

Kahit Konti — Even A Bit Space
Sung by Flo­rante
Song in Fil­ipino Com­posed by Gary Granada
Trans­lated to Eng­lish by Anto­nio Ingles, Jr.

Maari bang, maari bang umusog-usog ng konti
Hati-hati dahil masyadong masikip ang upuan
At kung iyong kausapin, ako nama’y hindi mase­lan
At payag matabi­han, umu­sog lang, umu­sog ng konti

May I ask a favor, just move even a bit space for me
Because the space is so tight, so over­crowded
And if you request me to move,
I’ll be tol­er­ant enough to give way
And let go of my per­sonal space for you to squeeze through

Maari bang, maari bang umusog-usog ng konti
Madadaan sa usapan ang maar­ing pag-awayan
Sakali mang mayro’n kang napa­pansin, sabi­hin lang
At kung makatuwiran ako’y uusog din kahit konti

May I ask a favor, just move even a bit space for me
We can talk this prob­lem over instead of fight­ing
When­ever you notice some­thing, just tell me
Because if it is rea­son­able, then I will move even a bit space

Hindi naman buong-buo ang hini­hiling ko sa iyo
Ngu­nit kahit kapi­raso mano’y magka­sundo tayo
Iba’t-iba ang katuwiran ng tao sa lipunan
Ngu­nit ang kailan­gan lang tayo’y huwag magtulakan

I do not ask for more from you
Can we both agree even a bit
Peo­ple in the soci­ety have dif­fer­ent views
All we need is to never push each other

O kayra­m­ing suli­ranin, oras-oras dumarat­ing
Dahil di kayang lutasin hindi na rin pina­pansin
Sub­alit kung tutu­usin, iisa ang dahi­lan
Kaibi­gan, ayaw nilang umu­sog ng kahit konti

There are so many prob­lems, they arrive every hour
Because we can­not solve any prob­lem,
we are just ignor­ing it
But if you just think about it, there is only one rea­son why
My friend, they refuse to move even a bit space

At kung iyong kausapin, ako nama’y hindi mase­lan
At payag matabi­han umu­sog lang kahit konti

And if you request me to move,
I’ll be tol­er­ant enough to give way
And let go of my per­sonal space for you to squeeze through


Circle of Compassion

The Fil­ipino value nakakaluwag is not only a wide locus where it made man­i­fest a global ethic [uni­ver­sal val­ues] and a sus­tain­able world­view of real­ity as inte­grated whole, it is fun­da­men­tally the con­di­tion for holis­tic rela­tion­al­ity, a cir­cle of com­pas­sion con­ducive to a free and secured life. As con­text of holis­tic rela­tion­al­ity, the Fil­ipino value nakakaluwag in cosmic-anthropological per­spec­tive is best described in Einstein’s words:

A human being is a part of the whole, called by us “Uni­verse,” a part lim­ited in time and space. He expe­ri­ences him­self, his thoughts and feel­ings as some­thing sep­a­rated from the rest a kind of opti­cal delu­sion of his con­scious­ness. This delu­sion is a kind of prison for us, restrict­ing us to our per­sonal desires and to affec­tion for a few per­sons near­est to us. Our task must be to free our­selves from this prison by widen­ing our cir­cle of com­pas­sion to embrace all liv­ing crea­tures and the whole of nature in its beauty. Nobody is able to achieve this com­pletely, but the striv­ing for such achieve­ment is in itself a part of the lib­er­a­tion and a foun­da­tion for inner secu­rity (Bhaneja, 2005, p. 7.)

Bhaneja, B. (2005). Albert ein­stein revis­ited: A cen­ten­nial rel­a­tiv­ity the­ory essay. Phi­los­o­phy and Social Action , 31 (1), 7–16.

“Our task must be to free our­selves from this prison by widen­ing our cir­cles of com­pas­sion to embrace all liv­ing crea­tures and the whole of nature in its beauty.” Albert Ein­stein Added August 7,2010 by Paul Gold­man of Wild Joy: The Ecsta­tic Poetry Source:




Earn­ing a doc­toral degree is not easy for it is hard work. It is not sep­a­rated from the day to day per­sonal, fam­ily and work’s con­cerns. In other words, it is never detached from the life’s prob­lems and issues. A cer­tain Ender would be say­ing that, “Writ­ing is not sep­a­rate from the actual research. Writ­ing is how you explain your ideas, and for­mu­lat­ing those ideas into words can be very hard.”

But it is all more than that, and I must admit until now I can­not imag­ine myself get­ting through all these dif­fi­cul­ties, obsta­cles and chal­lenges. There is no easy way out, for it is worth the hard­ship to earn it. And I can do noth­ing if I put no great effort into it.

But what really upset me is when I learned that there is “an easy way out” for a cho­sen few.The full quo­ta­tion  below on Doc­tor­ate in Law is cited from Riziel Ann Cabreros:

Ear­lier in Decem­ber 2011, Rap­pler reported that Corona obtained his doc­tor­ate in civil law, summa cum laude, from the Uni­ver­sity of Sto Tomas (UST) with­out writ­ing a dis­ser­ta­tion and ful­fill­ing the required res­i­dency to qual­ify him for hon­ors. Corona was one of 6 grad­u­ates who got top hon­ors dur­ing cer­e­monies that com­mem­o­rated the university’s quadri­cen­ten­nial cel­e­bra­tions. UST, invok­ing aca­d­e­mic free­dom, had acknowl­edged it waived its usual dis­ser­ta­tion require­ment for the grant of a doc­tor­ate to Corona. —

Source: Corona lied about aca­d­e­mic hon­ors?
by Riziel Ann Cabreros
Posted on 03/14/2012 8:12 AM  | Updated 03/14/2012 8:37 PM

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A Better Life

This site has all started from the inten­tion to share the fruit of my study to an offer to make it online for which I have to say yes. Thanks Ms. Judy Simp­son Vor­feld for rolling out a new word­press site for Ang KALUWAGAN ng Pamu­muhay – The EASEFULNESS of Liv­ing:

I was won­der­ing why would she do this, and then she told me: “Why would I offer to do this? Mr. Gary Ador Dion­i­sio says it well, “I believe that what I have right now that make me nakakaluwag sa buhay (live life with ease) are not because of my sheer luck or even my knowl­edge and infor­ma­tion but rather these are gifts of God to me.”

I read in one of her blogs her hus­band ques­tion: “What can I do to help make your life bet­ter?” Then I real­ized that I have sim­i­lar ques­tion: “Ano ang mag­a­gawa kong tulong para magka­roon ka ng KALUWAGAN sa buhay?”

Thanks Ms. Judy Simp­son Vor­feld, we have the same ques­tion of Sir Jack.